If you have a child in Kindergarten – 6th grade (yes, 6th grade, that’s not a typo), I have an exciting opportunity to share with you!

We are thrilled to announce that our WEAG Kids Choir Show is back in action, and we will have auditions and begin rehearsals in January!

“Knights! Castles! Princesses! Dragons! Join Princess Pride, Sir Brags-a-lot, and their curious band on an amazing trek in a very faraway land.

When the Carpenter from another kingdom brings the troubling news that their castle (built far away from the King), is actually built on sand and will not withstand the coming storm, they hesitantly choose to follow him as he has promised to show them this “better Kingdom,” and assures them he’ll take them “all the way, and will never leave them.”

Encountering troubles, temptations, and some very funny characters along the way, ultimately their narrow road to “The Shining Kingdom” seems hopelessly blocked by the Dragon Doom. But the seemingly-simple Carpenter steps forward to fight the dragon on their behalf, and vows that “even if you hear that I have died slaying the dragon, don’t fear — my Father has promised I’ll be victorious, and see you safely home!”

  • Choir Rehearsals (for all K-6th Graders): Wednesday nights from 6 – 7:15pm, starting January 5th in the Gym
  • Specialty Auditions (open to 2nd-6th Graders): Sunday, January 9th from 1-3 pm in Room 209/215 (more specific audition information will be sent out AFTER you register your child).
  • Specialty Group Rehearsals (if your child should receive a specialty part): Sundays, 1 – 3pm and production week/weekend rehearsals
  • 2022 Kids Show: Happily Forever After! Sunday, March 6th and Monday, March 7th at 7:00 pm