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Do Something Humiliating - Joyride part 3 sermon

Do Something Humiliating – Joyride pt3

Humiliation Sometimes Precedes Joy Do something humiliating. Wait…what?! Why do that you are likely wondering. We all have one thing that both can bring joy and humiliation.Maybe the reason some of us are not experiencing the joy we want is due to not seeing the humiliations in our lives the way that Jesus would. Watch as Pastor Jamal Jones shares stories of experiencing joy from humility, including a couple of misadventures on his skateboard. Jamal continues the next leg of…
Experience Joy Together Sunday July 7 2019 Service

Joyride Together – A Journey to Joy pt2

Experience joy Together What makes the best joyride experience?A bright, sunny day along the beach? A windy drive through crisp, cool autumn mountain air?Cruising under the lights and sights of city skyscrapers?Regardless of the setting, the best joyrides always have one thing in common … experiencing joy together with friends! Joyrides are better together Living in joy is the same. It’s a team activity. Join us for a Joyride as Pastor Lisa Eggert navigates our journey through the book of…
Unconditional Joy

Unconditional Joy | Joyride pt1 – A Journey to Joy

It’s summer! Time for some fun.And, what better fun than a joyride … to live in joy … all the time, no matter what.Easy? No. Possible? You bet. Joy is not the same as happiness. Being happy is a momentary, external feeling that can disappear in a heartbeat. But, living in joy, that’s steadfast. So, hop on in and ride with us. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the warmth that comes from freedom…
Controlling Money - Beyond A Sermon Q&A #55

Controlling Money – Beyond A Sermon Q&A #55

Pastor Shane answers questions about Sunday’s sermon, Controlling Money, on the trouble with money and how we must control it with God’s help or money will control us. Links & financial resources in this episode — sermon & related resources — WEAG’s YouTube channel — live streams and scheduled broadcasts — website and mobile app to budget and effortlessly stay on top of bills. — Wally free mobile app to control your money seamlessly.…

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Matthew 13:8 (MSG)  Some  (seeds)  fell on good earth,  and produced a harvest beyond his wildest dreams.  The hearer with good soil values God’s Word  (Job 23:12)  and delights in it  (Jer. 15:16).   He does not ignore God’s word  (Ezek 33:30-33)  or rebel against it  (Psalm 107:11).  He is open minded  (Acts 17:11)  and willing to commit himself to the truth (John 7:17).  He does not cling to his own opinions  (Mark 7:13).  He has a teachable heart  (Acts…


Matthew 13:7 (MSG)  Some  (seeds)  fell in the weeds;  as it came up,  it was strangled by the weeds.  Two crops strive for mastery.  The thorns choke the Word  (vs. 19)  “with anxieties”  (Luke 8:14 -Worrell)  and  “worries and money”  (Luke 8:14 – Moffat).  “Other things creep in and choke the message out”  (Mark 4:19 – Goodspeed).  The cares of life are remedied by re-evaluating the spiritual versus material values  (Luke 12:15).  The riches of life that snare us can…


Matthew 13:5 (MSG)  Some  (seeds)  fell in the gravel;  it sprouted quickly but didn’t put down roots,  so when the sun came up it withered just as quickly.  Some people receive God’s Word  (the seed)  with  “enthusiasm”  (Moffat)  but it is short lived.  In times of trial or testing  (Luke 8:13)  they fall away.  Unbelief  (Heb.  3:7-12),  disobedience  (Zech 7:8-12),  rationalization  (Mark 8:16-17),  resistance to the truth  (Acts 19:8-9),  pride  (Daniel 5:20),  refusal to yield to the Lord  (II Chron.…


Matthew 13:19 (NLT)   The seed that fell on the footpath represents those who hear the message about the Kingdom and don’t understand it.  Then the evil one comes and snatches away the seed that was planted in their hearts.  The soil had been trampled down and had become a hard surface more useful for traffic than for crops.  This condition affected the seed in that it could not sink into soft soil and be absorbed.  Birds pecked it up …

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Following years in the hotel industry, service takes on a different purpose for Matt when he stoops to help a girl who never had shoes before.

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