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Hymn Sing

Sing Hymns of Worship

Amidst the challenge, uncertainty, and suffering of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, a half-dozen members of WEAG’s choir, led by Worship Pastor Tony Robinson, join Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman in a good ole hymn sing of praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Recorded live on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Watch, listen, sing-along, and share this hour of reflection on God’s everlasting presence, strength, peace, healing, and faithfulness despite the circumstances that try to hold us down. And, join us at…
New worship song - I Am Reminded

NEW – I Am Reminded | WEAG Worship

The WEAG Worship Team led attendees to the Sunday, June 9th service in a new worship song. A powerful song of thankfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. An original from The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir beautifully performed by WEAG’s incredibly talented band, choir, and orchestra. What did you think? Looking forward to this one in the worship set again? And, if you just can’t wait, here it is below and on WEAG’s YouTube channel @weagtv. So, sing along…the lyrics are below…
Four pastors answer live questions Tue March 19, 2019

4-Pastor Panel Answers Your Questions Live – 3pm March 19

Get your questions answered! Pastors Jeremy Woltz, John Kelly, Lisa Eggert, and Jamal Jones will answer your questions about the Living Legacy of Leadership at WEAG. They will share more about how leaders before them have impacted their lives and their work for God. And, they will celebrate the work of the Lord in impacting kids, students and young adults through the respective ministries that they lead. This Live Q&A is the perfect opportunity to ask them questions about… kids…

We’re on LinkedIn – #DidYouKnow

Got LinkedIn? Remember the ole Got Milk? advertising campaign? Well, this post has absolutely nothing to do with milk, but just as milk delivers essential nutrients to the body, WEAG works hard to deliver essential nutrients to the soul. And, there are LOTS of souls on LinkedIn that could use a “glass of WEAG” in the LI feed to stay eternally healthy. We know LinkedIn is a unique social network, so we’re not posting the same content there as we…