Child Check-in Procedures

Child Check-in Procedures

1. Check in your children at the kiosks and check-in station in the gym lobby by the North Entrance.

You will receive an adhesive-backed name tag displaying your child’s name that is to be placed prominently on your child’s clothing (no access to the nursery rooms or classrooms will be granted without a name tag). You will also be given a printed claim check for child pick-up.

2. Drop-Off Locations

After check-in, children should be brought to the appropriate drop-off station. Signs and greeters will guide you to the correct location. If you have children in the nursery you will receive a vibrating pager. You will be paged if your assistance in needed.

Check-in Map

3. Picking Up

Return to your child’s drop-off station. A Family Life Greeter will match the code on your child’s name tag with the one on your receipt. You must have a receipt to pick up your child.


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