Crafted For Missions With the Love of Jesus

Crafted For Missions With the Love of Jesus

Touching the hem of Jesus garment with a stuffed buddy, a bag of trail mix, and a baby’s onesie. We all work together to collectively assist others in different ways. Seemingly insignificant, these tokens of love make a big difference in the lives of others. See below the image for the rest of the story…

The ‘lil stuffed buddy – a friend of WEAG sews beautiful Buddy Pillows with “Jesus Loves Me” embroidered on each one for children in developing countries.

The trail mix – residents of local nursing homes impact the city they call home by making homemade trail mix to place in lunches for feeding programs in the Richmond area.

The onesie – instead of tossing them in the trash, local NICU’s donate baby clothes to WEAG that are distributed to countries like Guatemala to benefit premies in maternity hospitals for under-resourced women.

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