Craig Groeschel Named Champion of GLS

Craig Groeschel Named Champion of GLS

Taken from the Global Leadership Network…

May 30, 2019: Earlier today, Tom De Vries, President and CEO of the Global Leadership Network, announced that Craig Groeschel, Founder and Senior Pastor of Life.Church, will be officially joining The Global Leadership Summit team. As Champion of The Global Leadership Summit, Craig will be working diligently to increase the impact of leaders globally through strengthening their capacity and mobilizing them to make a difference in their communities.

Craig and Amy Groeschel

From WEAG…

We are excited about this announcement as we have tremendous respect and admiration for Craig, Amy, and the ministries that God has built through them and their teams. They are extraordinary leaders with a gift for fostering leadership development in others. We believe Craig’s new role as Champion of GLS will bring new vitality and reach to the GLS as the Summit’s speakers share their experiences and wisdom with a global audience from churches, businesses, governments, schools, and communities.

Through five decades, WEAG has nurtured a culture and community that values leadership development. Among pastors, staff, and volunteers we have time and again experienced the incredible benefits of raising and empowering leaders who love God, love people, and love serving.

Jesus demonstrated the best of leadership. His service to his followers was game-changing, not just at the time, but still to this day over two thousand years later. It is with a desire for the church, our city, our nation, and our world to be left a better place than how we found it that WEAG invests in leadership development.

GLS 2019 at WEAG - August 8-9

On August 8th and 9th, WEAG will host over 500 guests to the 2019 Global Leadership Summit as it streams live from Chicago to the big screen on our stage. For the 4th consecutive year, we will welcome a diverse audience that spans generations, ethnicities, beliefs, and occupations to assemble together with one purpose … learn how to be leaders of influence.

Won’t you join us?! Register now and save with early bird pricing.

For the full announcement, visit:

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