Matthew 1:18 (TPT)  This was how Jesus,  God’s Anointed One,  was born.  His mother,  Mary,  had promised Joseph to be his wife,  but while she was still a virgin she became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We believe in the Virgin Birth (better described as the virgin conception).  Christ’s birth stands in a category of its own—it never happened that way before nor ever since.  He was divinely conceived in the womb of Mary,  with the Holy Spirit bringing deity and humanity together.  This doctrine has been attacked over the centuries;  but if you debunk the Virgin Birth,  you destroy the keystone of the Church:  the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Consider the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14 and its stated fulfillment in Matthew 1:22.  Consider six statements in the conversation between the Angel Gabriel and Mary (see Luke 1:26-38).  If the Virgin Birth is false,  then Mary was unchaste  (then whose son was he?)  and Jesus would have been the natural child of sinful parents.  It would rule out His pre-existence,  the truth of incarnation,  and any adequate explanation of His unique character and sinless life.  If Jesus was the product of a human father then He has no power to forgive sin any more than you do.  The doctrine of salvation would be gone.  The deity of Christ would be gone.  But if Jesus is the virgin-born Son of God,  then everything about Him is infinite:  his birth,  life,  power,  knowledge,  presence,  death,  and resurrection.  Why does that matter?  When you pray  “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”  you are touching the only One who understands you and who can mediate before God on your behalf.  He spoke the worlds into existence and He has power to redeem us.  “Without controversy,  great is the mystery of godliness:  God was manifest in the flesh…” (I Tim. 3:16a).  (From the teaching of Rev. David Jeremiah, Why the Virgin Birth)

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