Devotion – Fri. March 15, 2019

Devotion – Fri. March 15, 2019

John 12:8  (NLT)

You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.

“These words of defense on Mary’s behalf did not mean that the disciples should ignore the needs of the poor. The poor exist in every society and it is part of our social responsibility to help them. But Mary’s anointing took precedence at this moment (Tenney).” Mary knew how to worship well. Never underestimate the importance of taking time to worship Jesus every day. It will set a positive emotional tone in your heart and reorient your thoughts toward the Lord. Worship helps us tune into the Lord’s bandwidth, find discernment and wisdom, and hear His voice. Engage in heartfelt worship regularly and you will experience ongoing spiritual transformation.


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