GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. This GivingTuesday, December 1st, we encourage you to take a moment to prayerfully and, if you’re able, financially support a local organization, Youth Life Foundation for Richmond!


As a church, we want to celebrate GivingTuesday by supporting a local organization with which we have been partnered for years! Youth Life Foundation for Richmond operates learning centers to develop leaders by making long-term investments in children from at-risk communities. By supporting students academically, developing their character from a young age, raising expectations, and investing in their lives through committed mentoring relationships, these youth will rise above their circumstances to become tomorrow’s leaders. Youth Life Foundation’s Vision is to nurture the child, strengthen the family and rebuild the community. 

For years, West End Assembly of God and Pastor Lisa have been leading teams of volunteers to visit multiple Learning Centers and teach biblical stories, as well as the inherent worth of each child’s life! 

As COVID-19 has led our city into an unprecedented time of Virtual Learning, Youth Life Foundation for Richmond has had to adjust quickly and restructure how they can best serve their communities. Most locations have been turned into Virtual Learning Centers for students to have a safe space to engage in education with mentors and tutors ready to help the students learn effectively and to navigate online education. 

Unsurprisingly, this does not come without its own challenges! Below, you will see a list of “benchmarks” that show exactly where your money will go, and how it will support the mission of Youth Life Foundation!


$500 will purchase space heaters for the Northminster Learning Center as we head into the winter months. Students learn best in a safe and comfortable environment. Let’s give them some warmth so they can focus on school!

$1,000 will purchase space heaters AND resupply learning centers with daily cleaning supplies & masks necessary for COVID-19 Safety Precautions. It will also help replace broken headphones and various other supplies necessary for effective virtual learning.

$2,000 will purchase space heaters, cleaning supplies, virtual learning supplies AND two months of professional cleaning services once-a-week for all Northside Learning Centers.

$3,000 will purchase space heaters, cleaning supplies, virtual learning supplies, 2 months of professional cleaning services AND 83 hours of teacher aides to help lessen the load of our full-time teachers and assist the students in their online learning.

$5,000 will purchase space heaters, cleaning supplies, virtual learning supplies, 2 months of professional cleaning services, 83 hours of teacher aids AND 133 hours of transportation for middle and high school students to travel to and from learning centers each day. 

Thank you for making an impact on the next generation with your generosity! Donate through the button below!