Made New: Your Discipleship Journey – Resource Library

Made New: Your Discipleship Journey – Resource Library

Why Made New? What’s discipleship? — Read our welcome letter

Made New

On this page, you will find a library of resources of various kinds. Some are digital that you can fully benefit from online. Other resources may benefit you more within the context of a small group or might only be available in a classroom setting.

WEAG Made New Discipleship Classes

Our own discipleship team is putting together a new assortment of discipleship classes and group studies for you to choose from. Watch this page as these offerings start going live in July 2020, throughout the summer, and into the 4th quarter.

Summer 2020 Virtual Classes!


This class will be held online via Zoom Tuesdays, beginning July 14 at 6:30pm for 6 weeks. August 18th will be an off week, and the class will conclude August 25th. Click to register.

Teachers: Pastor Marlyn DeFoggi and Paul DeFoggi 

Learn to arrange your life around a regular pattern of spiritual practices that God can use to nourish your soul and transform your life. Lessons…

  1. Longing for More: Understanding Your Desire for Spirituality
  2. Solitude and Silence: Creating Space for God
  3. Lectio Divina: Encountering God in Scripture
  4. Honoring the Body: Flesh-and-Blood Spirituality
  5. The Examen: Bringing My Whole Self to God
  6. A Rule of Life: Cultivating Your Own Sacred Rhythms

TWO TEXTS required:  (please purchase a copy online before starting the study) 

  1. SACRED RHYTHMS by Ruth Haley Barton | buy on: |
  2. Sacred Rhythms Participants Guide | buy on:

Click to register for Sacred Rhythms.

Sacred Rhythms Class Recordings


This class will be held online via Zoom Tuesdays, beginning July 14 at 7pm for 6 consecutive weeks. Click to register.

Teacher: Sue Schlesman

This “Sacred Texts” class will present the major Eastern religions through a study of the texts. Each week, we’ll discuss the reading and compare it to the Bible and Christianity. Join this online class to better understand the similarities and differences in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Confucism. This forum will help Christians and non-Christians understand how Eastern religious thought has morphed into mainstream spirituality. Guest speakers will help present information and facilitate questions.

Click to register for Sacred Texts

RightNow Media

RightNow Media

WEAG maintains a subscription for our entire community to freely access the many thousands of video and small group study titles that RightNow Ministries has produced and assembled.

You will need to create a free account to access RightNow Media. Once you have done that, you can invite others to also access their massive library, and you can visit WEAG’s custom channel on the platform. There, we have grouped related resources…

  • Growth Tracks
    • Discipleship & Growth
    • New Believers & Foundations
    • Evangelism & Missions
    • Leadership
    • Marriage & Family
    • Theology
    • Books of the Bible
    • Women
    • Men
    • Youth, College, & Young Adults

When you log in to RightNow Media, by default you will land on their primary library / home page. See instructions below for how to get to WEAG’s library.

Example Titles

How to get to WEAG’s custom channel from the RightNow Media home page on desktop and mobile

DESKTOP: Click the West End Assembly of God link in the left sidebar in RightNow Media