Making Non-Medical Face Masks

Making Non-Medical Face Masks

Dorcas Daughters handmade crafts ministry is making non-medical face masks for assisted living and nursing home residents! Read below for information on how YOU can get involved!

The face mask kits are available for pick up at WEAG! You will find them in the Dorcas Daughters bin in a plastic bag ready to go. This bin is located on the East side of the church at the mission’s room exterior door. It is marked by a flower pot.

Inside the kit, you’ll find:

  • Flannel or T-shirt material that you can use for the face lining
  • Cotton material for the outside of the mask
  • A ball of T-shirt yarn that will be used for the tieback strings. Strings are preferred over elastic. Cut string to 12” (Hint – Place the end of tie back string between the fabric, so when you turn the fabric to the right side, the ends will be inside the mask).
  • Instructions/patterns for 2 different kinds of masks. Your choice.

Please take only one bagged kit each. If more kits are needed, we will assemble more!

There is also a NEW plastic bag in the kit that you can put your completed masks into and return to the church bin. Completed masks will be retrieved, machine washed/dried and distributed.

Please contact if you have dropped off completed masks and if you have any questions!

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