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RightNow Media
RightNow Media

RightNow Media is an online curriculum library. There are literally thousands of studies you can access at any time, and it is all free to you. Topics range from books of the Bible to any number of topical series addressing specific subjects, like parenting, sex, work, identity, finances and more. Each series is video based with downloadable “Participants Guides” to help facilitate discussion within your group. You can search RightNow Media by topic, author, or even general areas of interest. Each study has a preview, almost like a movie trailer, to give you a quick and easy overview of what you can expect from the study. Once you’ve chosen a study, simply press play on the video for this week and follow the corresponding “Participants Guide” for deep, rich, and meaningful discussion.

To gain access to RightNow Media, simply send an e-mail to with the subject line, “RightNow Media,” and you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to log-in and get started.

Explore God

Explore God is a resource built around creating content and starting conversations for people who want to know more about God, Christianity and the Church. Their website is rich with videos discussing the world at large’s view of the Christian faith, as well as insight into Biblical perspectives we all ought to adopt. They have two main curriculums: “7 Big Questions” tackles the 7 biggest questions non-believers or new believers have. These are questions like, “Does God Have a Purpose? Is the Bible Reliable? And Can I Know God Personally?” The second main curriculum is called “Knowing God.” This is geared around leading new believers into a consistently growing relationship with God.

You can have free access to both of these curriculums! Just send an e-mail to with the subject line, “Explore God: 7 Big Questions” or “Explore God: Knowing God,” and we will get you set up!

Arrabon: Race, Class & Kingdom of God

Race, Class & The Kingdom of God is a conference that was actually held at WEAG in 2017. Led by David Bailey and Elena Aronson of Arrabon, this conference turned video-curriculum takes a Biblical look at what the Kingdom of God is supposed to look like here on earth. Arrabon exists to equip you and your community to engage effectively in reconciliation, and this curriculum will help you lead your Small Group through some of these difficult conversations. If you have ever been interested in the topic of Racial Reconciliation or Multi-Ethnic & Cross Cultural Engagement, then consider this curriculum. It has two modules, “Race, Class & The Kingdom of God 101 and 201.”

This is an important conversation that every Small Group should have! When your group is ready, e-mail with the subject line, “Race, Class & The Kingdom of God” and we will get things moving!

North Point Ministries

North Point Ministries is a great resource for all things Small Groups. Their website is easy to navigate and can serve to help you find any study you may want to do. The studies may require purchasing, but have no fear! Any study you find on your own for your Small Group to do, the Groups Department will purchase and provide the Leader Guide. Your Small Group members may need to buy their own Participant Guides, but we want to bless you Small Group Leaders by providing you with what you will need to lead the study as effectively as possible.

Please, feel free to visit the North Point Ministries website, and whichever curriculum you choose to study next, e-mail with the necessary information, and we will order the Leader Guide for you! This is true for any study you find, regardless of how and where you find it!