Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A (Page 2)

Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A (Page 2)

Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #044

Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #044 – Leaders Among Us

Pastors Jeremy Woltz, John Kelly, Lisa Eggert, and Jamal Jones answer questions about leadership development at WEAG. They share stories of how leaders before them have impacted their lives and their work for God. And, they celebrate the work of the Lord in impacting kids, students, young adults, and small groups through the armies of amazing volunteers that they lead. The Questions Jeremy – What brought you to WEAG? What is one of your earliest memories of someone at WEAG…

Because You Say So – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #43

Founding Pastor Dr. Bob Rhoden answers viewer questions about his recent sermon, Because You Say So. Watch or listen and get to know Dr. Rhoden more as he shares stories of his upbringing following the early death of his parents, his encounter with Jesus at age sixteen, and the call just ten years later to move to Richmond and help lead a brand new church in unfavorable circumstances. Below are just some of the questions Dr. Rhoden responds to. If…
Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #042

We Are Family – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #42

Shane answers tough questions about the latest sermon, We Are Family, while also reiterating that WEAG is a family that has your back when you invite others into our house. Watch episode #042 of Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A as Shane tackles these questions… Why should ALL WEAGers embrace being a family of love in which grace is extended and love is lived? What will that mean for them? What do you mean when you say, WEAG will have your back…

Many Fields Few Workers – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #41

Are you ready to be a worker for God? To venture into the fields of harvest at home or abroad? As a church family, Pastor Shane unveiled a new Mission and Vision as WEAG celebrates fifty years of transforming lives around the world. In this week’s interview to “deep-dive” into the sermon, Many Fields But Few Workers, Shane addresses these questions about being a worker every day… Why was it necessary to kick-off WEAG 3.0 with a new Mission and…
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