WEAG 3.0

WEAG 3.0 Here We Go - In Unity

Here We Go … IN UNITY! – WEAG 3.0

God has formed WEAG for a time as this and will fill it to function in His will with the love of Jesus Christ for all who enter. The time is NOW to invite your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow students and others to be a part of the excitement and growth happening at WEAG. All are welcome as we draw closer to Christ’s love and grace! ALERT: Service times are moving to 9am & 11am ET starting Sunday, October…
WEAG 3.0 Here We Go - Make A Difference

You CAN Make A Difference – WEAG 3.0 Here We Go!

Time to Make A Difference!It’s really simple – See a need, meet a need. Join the work that is necessary! Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman helps us identify as committed contributors to the work and priorities of God versus being consumers of His blessings.The future of WEAG 3.0 is lifting off and you are invited to be a part of the journey. About WEAG What you’ll find at WEAG is a diverse, vibrant church community in Richmond VA and online of…
WEAG 3.0 Here We Go!

WEAG 3.0 Here We Go!

It’s GO time!The future of WEAG 3.0 is lifting off with a 3-part, vision-launch series. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman reconnects us with the WEAG 3.0 vision unveiled in March 2019 and how it will now start unfolding over the next few weeks and beyond. In this part one of three, Shane reiterates that WEAG’s mission is not about just getting bigger, but “For every person to experience transformation through Jesus Christ.” Shane points out how personal our role in that…
Find Your Group - Small Groups Sunday

Find Your Group

YOU’RE INVITED!As a community of people just LIKE you, WEAG likely has a group FOR you. Small Groups Pastor Jeremy Woltz will share a message of how to find your group in the Family of God. Life wasn’t meant to go it alone. Be a part of something bigger. Be a part of the WEAG family. 98 small groups are available to choose from at https://groups.weag.church. New groups are launching right now. And, more groups are to come…even online. All…
Live To Build Others Up

Live To Build Others Up

Community. It’s built by you. As you take part in Everyday Living to lift up others you create a place where everybody knows your name. Online Campus Pastor John Kelly will share a message of how community doesn’t require a whole lot from us but does depend on our active participation. It’s something we can LIVE for. And, just when you think your service to others is about them, you find you benefit just as much and sometimes even more.…
Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #047 - WEAG 3.0 pt3 - LAUNCH

LAUNCHing WEAG 3.0 – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A Interview

When and How Will WEAG 3.0 Launch?! Pastor Shane Schlesman answers viewer questions about Sunday’s message in which Shane shared how WEAG 3.0 will LAUNCH! WEAG and Richmond will never be the same. When will this happen? How can you be a part? This is part three of a 3-part series as we move into the Easter season further and faster than ever before. Shane takes us beyond the sermon to dig deeper into what the LAUNCH of WEAG 3.0…


It’s time to LAUNCH WEAG 3.0!Grab a stone and hop on board. We’re moving forward in the direction God has provided.Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman invites all to answer the call, commit to a new future, and consecrate yourself completely to being used by God. #sermon #WEAG30 #expand #leverage #launch #community #RVA #Richmond #Virginia #leadership #relationships #vision #campus #tour #weag
WEAG 3.0 week two sermon featured images

LEVERAGE All that God has Given

God has uniquely positioned WEAG to enter a season of expansion. He has gone before us to prepare the way and has now called WEAG’s leadership and community to move forward. We are to LEVERAGE all that God has blessed us with for all that God has called us to in EXPANDing His work in us and through us around Richmond, VA. In part two of three, Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman begins to unveil how that will take place. Shane…

What IS WEAG 3.0? – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #045

Pastors Shane Schlesman and Dave DeMasters discuss Sunday’s message in which Shane introduced the vision of WEAG 3.0. This first of a 3-part series is about the move of God to EXPAND in us and through us. Watch as they answer viewer questions and go beyond the sermon and dig deeper into what WEAG 3.0 will mean for the community, the greater Richmond area, and the world beyond.
The Move of God to EXPAND - WEAG 3.0 pt 1 | Shane Schlesman

The Move of God to EXPAND – WEAG 3.0 pt1

God has uniquely positioned WEAG to enter a season of expansion. Not unlike the transition in Israel’s history between Moses and Joshua. Every transition has its challenges and at the same time, its opportunities. We don’t want to be a church that ever gets comfortable. We never want to be stagnant and settled. We will always be moving forward. When we make it about us we are ready to settle. Keep it about others and there will always be work…