Sermons by Shane Schlesman (Page 4)

Sermons by Shane Schlesman (Page 4)

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LEVERAGE All that God has Given

God has uniquely positioned WEAG to enter a season of expansion. He has gone before us to prepare the way and has now called WEAG’s leadership and community to move forward. We are to LEVERAGE all that God has blessed us with for all that God has called us to in EXPANDing His work in us and through us around Richmond, VA. In part two of three, Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman begins to unveil how that will take place. Shane…

What IS WEAG 3.0? – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #045

Pastors Shane Schlesman and Dave DeMasters discuss Sunday’s message in which Shane introduced the vision of WEAG 3.0. This first of a 3-part series is about the move of God to EXPAND in us and through us. Watch as they answer viewer questions and go beyond the sermon and dig deeper into what WEAG 3.0 will mean for the community, the greater Richmond area, and the world beyond.
The Move of God to EXPAND - WEAG 3.0 pt 1 | Shane Schlesman

The Move of God to EXPAND – WEAG 3.0 pt1

God has uniquely positioned WEAG to enter a season of expansion. Not unlike the transition in Israel’s history between Moses and Joshua. Every transition has its challenges and at the same time, its opportunities. We don’t want to be a church that ever gets comfortable. We never want to be stagnant and settled. We will always be moving forward. When we make it about us we are ready to settle. Keep it about others and there will always be work…
Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #042

We Are Family – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #42

Shane answers tough questions about the latest sermon, We Are Family, while also reiterating that WEAG is a family that has your back when you invite others into our house. Watch episode #042 of Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A as Shane tackles these questions… Why should ALL WEAGers embrace being a family of love in which grace is extended and love is lived? What will that mean for them? What do you mean when you say, WEAG will have your back…
Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman

We Are Family

WHAT MAKES THE CHURCH APPEALING? We are family: a house of love and truth.Neither of which are in conflict with the other nor necessitate a delicate balancing act. Rather, both may be lived and extended in fullness when we allow God to work in and through every relationship we have with both Christians and those who are far from God. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman continues to explore what it means to be a Living Legacy as he delivers part eight…

Many Fields Few Workers – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #41

Are you ready to be a worker for God? To venture into the fields of harvest at home or abroad? As a church family, Pastor Shane unveiled a new Mission and Vision as WEAG celebrates fifty years of transforming lives around the world. In this week’s interview to “deep-dive” into the sermon, Many Fields But Few Workers, Shane addresses these questions about being a worker every day… Why was it necessary to kick-off WEAG 3.0 with a new Mission and…

So Many Fields and So Few Workers

Living legacy series part seven | Shane Schlesman Whether or not you have a green thumb, you are able to sow spiritual every day in whatever field you find yourself. God’s work is available to you to be a part in. In this seventh segment of the Living Legacy series, Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman unveils five ‘rules’ for transforming the lives God leads you in contact with. Through personal examples and the insights of John Maxwell, Shane challenges us to…

What’s Your Plan?

How do you plan to change the world?To make a mark? To transform lives?To share the love of Christ as He first loved you? In this second week of Missions Emphasis, Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman explores the principle, promise, and plan of God for our lives to be our brother’s keeper. #sermon #missions #transformation #love #God #promise #hope #trip #project #care #compassion #international #travel #construction #medical #impact #together #community #outreach #series #richmond #virginia #rva #weag #weagtv

From Generation to Generation

The world attempts to stereotype and generalize but Jesus sees you! He sees who you are He has called you to a work that is perfectly suited to your age, your skills, and your faith. He knows your name. It is a name that only Jesus can give.

Tension in the Transfer

Generations can easily be at odds with one another. Stereotypes, misunderstandings and each generation’s specific challenges create tension as influence and leadership are transferred from one generation to the next. How do we overcome these barriers of transfer? How is God’s multi-generational church intended to demonstrate acceptance and love to one another? Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman explores the relationship between King David and his son, Solomon, to examine how current generations of Builders, Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Z can all…

Honor the Race Before You

Part two of WEAG’s Living Legacy series will challenge you to fulfill God’s purpose in your life by honoring the faith in God that the Legends and Heroes of faith before you demonstrated. In Part one, Pastor Shane delivered a message of staying in your lane in fulfilling your purpose by shedding burdens and staying focused on Christ. Shane continues with the analogy of the race you are a part of as being like a relay. It is essential that…

Stay In Your Lane

How you live a legacy is different from leaving a legacy. It’s as much about the here and now as it is about the future. To live a legacy you must run your race, stay in your lane, and keep your eyes focused on the pioneer and perfecter of your faith. Watch as Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman kicks off a new series with a message inspired from God’s Word in Hebrews 12 and Matthew 14. Find the encouragement and guidance…