Sermons by Sue Schlesman

Can Jesus Really Satisfy Me? - Asking for a Friend

Can Jesus Really Satisfy Me? – Asking for a Friend pt 3

In this Mother’s Day tag-team sermon, Sue and Shane Schlesman take a fresh look at the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well. In this story, it is revealed just how much Jesus really knows us, our past, our present circumstances, and our future potential. The woman at the well came to realize that Jesus was all she truly needed in life to be fully satisfied. How about you? Let’s ask the question. If you had the…

How To Conquer Shame – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #51

Guest speaker Sue Schlesman is interviewed by Dr. Dave DeMasters with viewer questions about how to conquer shame. Sue and Dave dig deeper into Sue’s message from two days prior delivered as part three of WEAG’s Broken & Beautiful series. Watch, comment on, and share this exploration of what it takes to become free from the debilitating effects of shame.

Freedom From Shame – Broken & Beautiful pt3

Shame is a perversion of our desperate need for God. Shame says, “I am bad.” I’m unworthy. I must hide. Something about myself will make people reject me. It affects us physically, spiritually, and relationally. Fortunately, Jesus took our shame so we wouldn’t have to live in it. His power can overcome shame in our lives! Watch, comment on, and share this Mother’s Day message from guest speaker, author and teacher Sue Schlesman. It is relevant to all … moms,…