"anxiety" Tagged Sermons

"anxiety" Tagged Sermons

Surviving Anxiety Attack!

Surviving Anxiety Attack! – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #054

In episode 54 of Beyond A Sermon, WEAG’s weekly Live Q&A program, we deep dive into the brokenness that comes from anxiety, panic, and worry. Is there a solution? What is it? Can these attacks be overcome? Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman answers viewer questions about dealing with anxiety attacks. Missed the sermon? Watch it here: https://youtu.be/yfFhHzIVyCo Have a question for Shane? Text it live during the show or anytime after to 804-480-4072 (no calls please). Questions Asked What is an…

Living With Depression – Beyond A Sermon Q&A #050 – Broken & Beautiful pt1

Shane answers viewer questions about the sermon, “Depression” part one of the Broken & Beautiful series. Questions asked in this episode include… Is it a sin against God to be discouraged, depressed or thinking of just giving up? How do I stop the depressing thoughts that swirl in my mind? I love Jesus. Why isn’t that enough to make it all ok? Where do I turn if I just can’t get the victory? What about medication as a Christian? Should…