Sermons on Loss

Why Is There Suffering? - Asking for a Friend pt 5

“Why Is There Suffering?” – Asking for a Friend pt 5

“Why is there suffering?” “Why does God allow suffering?” Timeless questions that you likely have thought more than once. Certainly, you know a friend who has asked these very questions. Fortunately, there is a point to suffering, an end to suffering, and most importantly, a God who cares about our suffering and even shared in it with us. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman wraps up the 5-part Asking for a Friend sermon series with one of the most challenging why questions…
From Crisis To Courage - Time of Your Life pt 5

From Crisis To Courage – Time of Your Life pt 5

Every season of life has new challenges and new opportunities. Sometimes, the season is one of crisis. We can have courage through such a season. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman shares how as he addresses an online-only audience during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Join the conversation and discover how you can thrive in every season of life gaining all that God has for you. Here at WEAG everyone belongs and is welcome. This is a place where you can explore faith,…