Sermons on Family

A Tribute to Dads

Alive in the Love of the Father – Beyond Normal pt 3

Guest speaker, Scott Wilson, shares a Father’s Day story of being alive in the love of his dad despite his dad’s memory slowly slipping away to Alzheimer’s and how we can all live in the love of our heavenly Father. Scott Wilson is the Senior Pastor of Oaks Church in the South Dallas area. He is the founder of Oaks School of Leadership, which trains young men and women in church leadership while they earn college credits. He is the…
Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #052 - Surviving Family Dysfunction

Surviving Family Dysfunction – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #052

In episode 52 of Beyond A Sermon, WEAG’s weekly Live Q&A program, we deep dive into the dysfunction that can plague families and the healing that is available to us all. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman answers viewer questions about surviving family dysfunction and finding healing in the process. We’re all part of a family, maybe many …and, in different forms. They may seem dysfunctional at times. The family is under attack. It has been since the creation of the first…

Dysfunctional families – broken & beautiful pt4

Family dysfunction can be any condition that interferes with healthy family functioning. Most families have some periods of time where functioning is impaired by stressful circumstances, such as a death in the family or a parent’s serious illness. What we might call broken God calls beautiful. To God, the family is beautiful! He created families, starting with His son, Jesus Christ. And, God’s only son bore the burden of our mistakes, shame, and brokenness to bring us back into His…