Sermons on Depression

Living With Depression – Beyond A Sermon Q&A #050 – Broken & Beautiful pt1

Shane answers viewer questions about the sermon, “Depression” part one of the Broken & Beautiful series. Questions asked in this episode include… Is it a sin against God to be discouraged, depressed or thinking of just giving up? How do I stop the depressing thoughts that swirl in my mind? I love Jesus. Why isn’t that enough to make it all ok? Where do I turn if I just can’t get the victory? What about medication as a Christian? Should…
Depression - Broken & Beautiful pt1

Depression – Broken & Beautiful pt1

Depression. It affects 322 million people. One of them might be you or someone close to you. It’s a real struggle that can’t be “swept under the rug” with happy thoughts. Fortunately, there’s no need to hide it, no need to run from it, no need to be embarrassed, to retreat from community, nor to think any less of yourself. Depression is a disease that God understands and wants to help you with. Not necessarily by escaping from it with…