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Sermon - Is Jesus The Only Way - Asking for a Friend series

Is Jesus The Only Way? – Asking for a Friend pt 2

“Is Jesus The Only Way?” — I’m asking for a friend.This challenging question for both Christians and non-Christians can be a loaded one when a position of moral authority is assumed by the asker and/or responder. Small Groups Pastor, Jeremy Woltz, offers a fresh perspective that the question need not be about being right or wrong. Rather, the answer is about the truth of love, grace, and redemption offered by Jesus Christ to each person irrespective of the beliefs of…
The Heart of the Question - Asking for a Friend pt 1

The Heart Behind the Question – Asking for a Friend pt 1

If you had the chance to ask Jesus your one question… what would it be? Take this journey with us as we seek answers to our tough questions. In this first installment of the series, Asking For A Friend, Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman answers questions live questions from viewers as he addresses the heart behind the questions we have of Jesus. Here at WEAG everyone belongs and is welcome. This is a place where you can explore faith, ask questions,…
I Doubt It. Do you, too? - Something Happened pt 2 - Easter Sunday | Shane Schlesman

I Doubt It – Something Happened pt 2 – Easter Sunday

Do you doubt Jesus?Great! You’re in good company.So did the Apostle Thomas (yeah, that one).We have/do, too. All of us.And, that’s okay! Believing is doubting and Jesus invites you on a journey to believe. In fact, all of His followers struggled with their belief. Jesus doesn’t need your blind faith! He needs faith that is built on Him! And, doubting is not unbelief. Rather, doubting is living! Jesus is present even when you don’t see a door to enter! Jesus…
Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman

We Are Family

WHAT MAKES THE CHURCH APPEALING? We are family: a house of love and truth.Neither of which are in conflict with the other nor necessitate a delicate balancing act. Rather, both may be lived and extended in fullness when we allow God to work in and through every relationship we have with both Christians and those who are far from God. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman continues to explore what it means to be a Living Legacy as he delivers part eight…