Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #044 – Leaders Among Us

Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #044 – Leaders Among Us

Pastors Jeremy Woltz, John Kelly, Lisa Eggert, and Jamal Jones answer questions about leadership development at WEAG. They share stories of how leaders before them have impacted their lives and their work for God. And, they celebrate the work of the Lord in impacting kids, students, young adults, and small groups through the armies of amazing volunteers that they lead.

The Questions

  • Jeremy – What brought you to WEAG? What is one of your earliest memories of someone at WEAG working to develop your leadership skills?
  • John – You basically grew up at WEAG. What are some of the ways you recall WEAG making leadership development opportunities available to you that you found instrumental in you serving as Youth Pastor for the past eight years?
  • Lisa – Working with kids takes incredible patience as a leader. How did God work through your mentors to help you nurture your leadership skills for working with the abundant energy of children in helping them grow towards Jesus?
  • Jamal – You mentioned always having a trusted adult nearby. Do you recall a seemingly inconsequential leadership training moment from an adult that would later prove instrumental in your leadership ability?
  • All – You all have ministry jobs that are heavily dependent on an army of volunteers. How have you found yourself grow as a leader from having to work so much non-staff?
  • Jeremy – You listed a number of names that were influential in your leadership development, nearly all of whom were volunteers. What does that say to you and should say to all WEAGers watching this about the power of God’s work through volunteers?
  • Lisa – You have created a leadership development program with 5th graders. Can you provide viewers with a brief description of the program and highlight a quick story of its impact on kids?
  • John – A number of high schoolers frequently help Lisa in Children’s Church and other kids ministries. What does it mean to you to have these students serving in this capacity and how has the services, retreats, small groups, etc. of the youth department help prepare them as leaders?
  • Jamal – Within the youth department a Varsity Leader program exists for Juniors and Seniors in high school to mentor middle schoolers. What does that mean to the middle schoolers? What is the effect of that program on both them and the high schoolers who participate?
  • John – In what ways do you see “great followers” among the youth go on to become great leaders?
  • Jeremy – “For others Christ to see, my interests cannot be about me.” How might we keep at the forefront of thought that our leadership skills are actually not about us, but about God and others?

Planned Questions we ran out of time to ask

We ran out of time to ask all planned questions. We are including them below for the identified pastors to respond to in the Comments section below.

  • Lisa – You shared in your video clip a story of a kid being God’s hands and feet at school by supporting a classmate who was being bullied. Do you all discuss with the kids specific scenarios in which they can demonstrate Christ’s love at home and at school? And, do you have another story to share that illustrates the willingness of kids to be spiritual leaders among their peers?
  • Jamal – What is the importance of parents and the church working together to foster leadership within the next generation?
  • John – In your clip, you mentioned WEAG being supportive despite mistakes. Why is it so important that we volunteers and staff be willing to push forward in leadership development knowing that mistakes will be made and what is the optimal response by both volunteers and church leadership in those moments?

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  1. Susan Glasscock

    Outstanding session! Very inspirational and a great reminder that even the smallest investment in someone else’s life can make a difference.

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