Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #48 – Something Happened pt 1 – PEACE

Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #48 – Something Happened pt 1 – PEACE

The kind that is everlasting.
Peace in the midst of turmoil.
Peace that surpasses all explanation.

In episode 48 of Beyond A Sermon, we deep dive into the peace that Jesus is and came to offer for the taking. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman answers viewer questions about how such peace is obtained, how to depend on such peace, and how to apply true peace to the challenges and trials of everyday life.

Questions include…

  1. What is the peace that happened through and because of Jesus? Is it different from or more than the absence of turmoil?
  2. Why is this peace so important? After all, the world has been in turmoil for seemingly forever and yet we still carry on.
  3. How is such peace obtained? Can it be obtained without Jesus?
  4. Is the peace Jesus offers a factor in our ability to carry out his mission and our personal mission?
  5. Why would God choose to not simply deliver us from the valley of pain and turmoil and instead opt to meet us in it?
  6. What are some everyday examples that we commonly overlook where our receiving of the delivery, source, and presence of peace through Jesus can change everything?

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