Controlling Money – Beyond A Sermon Q&A #55

Controlling Money – Beyond A Sermon Q&A #55

Pastor Shane answers questions about Sunday’s sermon, Controlling Money, on the trouble with money and how we must control it with God’s help or money will control us.

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Questions Asked

  • Is preaching that God always provides as we sow gifts a highly-Westernized perspective in our comparably abundant wealth while Christians struggle just to survive in some areas of the world?
  • If I allow God to have my life and trust Him with my finance then why do I still have financial issues?
  • What do you do when you feel like it’s impossible to give in the midst of hard money circumstances?
  • In light of Father’s Day, it’s hard for a guy to let go and trust. What was your experience a dad that feels a responsibility to financially protect and provide for your family?
  • So…if you’ve been used to paying bills first…and there’s only barely enough $$ to go around…and you want to start do you tip the balance to begin to work toward tithing/giving to God first?
  • Can you further explain how Luke 16:13 about serving two masters is not about finding a 50/50 compromise? How do we go 100% with the right master?
  • How can I reconcile your statement, “The moment you think you own your stuff, is the moment that it owns you!” with the need to responsibly plan, save, and even increase assets?
  • What are the two challenges? And, do you have any advice or experience with particular practices or tools to accomplish those?

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