Depression – Broken & Beautiful pt1

Depression – Broken & Beautiful pt1

Depression. It affects 322 million people. One of them might be you or someone close to you.

It’s a real struggle that can’t be “swept under the rug” with happy thoughts. Fortunately, there’s no need to hide it, no need to run from it, no need to be embarrassed, to retreat from community, nor to think any less of yourself.

Depression is a disease that God understands and wants to help you with. Not necessarily by escaping from it with a snap of His fingers, but by your dependency on Him drawing you closer to His love, His hope, His healing.

God wants to meet you in the wilderness of depression, direct you in it, and lead you out of it. Just as He has for so many and just has He did for Elijah, a regular person on a journey described in the Bible so many years ago.

May this message from Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman minister to your spirit. May you be encouraged to contact us with your questions for Tuesday’s Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A at 3p ET or by reaching out to seek help from many of the other counseling and small group resources WEAG offers. Use the comments area below to ask questions or for help. For confidentiality, you are welcome to instead email


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