Do Something Humiliating – Joyride pt3

Do Something Humiliating – Joyride pt3

Humiliation Sometimes Precedes Joy

Do something humiliating.
Wait…what?! Why do that you are likely wondering.

We all have one thing that both can bring joy and humiliation.
Maybe the reason some of us are not experiencing the joy we want is due to not seeing the humiliations in our lives the way that Jesus would.

Watch as Pastor Jamal Jones shares stories of experiencing joy from humility, including a couple of misadventures on his skateboard. Jamal continues the next leg of our five-part Journey to Joy through the book of Philippians with a focus on Ch. 2, verses 5-8.

Enjoy and be sure to share with your friends as every joyride is more fun with others. Simply share the link to this on-demand video or post to social media. Then, go do something humiliating for Jesus and experience unconditional joy.

Joyride – a 5-stop journey to joy through Philippians

Be sure to watch part one of Joyride, Unconditional Joy; as well as, part two, Joyride Together.

And, also experience joy by watching and praising God along to the worship music video on YouTube from this Sunday’s service.

WEAG Worship set song names from Sunday July 14, 2019 church service

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