Joyride Together – A Journey to Joy pt2

Joyride Together – A Journey to Joy pt2

Experience joy Together

What makes the best joyride experience?
A bright, sunny day along the beach?
A windy drive through crisp, cool autumn mountain air?
Cruising under the lights and sights of city skyscrapers?
Regardless of the setting, the best joyrides always have one thing in common … experiencing joy together with friends!

Joyrides are better together

Living in joy is the same. It’s a team activity. Join us for a Joyride as Pastor Lisa Eggert navigates our journey through the book of Philippians and shares stories of experiencing joy together. Such as how nearly 200 kids and counselors experience joy together at WEAG’s annual Kid’s Camp. The kids get cheered on for five days straight. They hear their names chanted and they receive roaring applauses throughout the day. They are constantly being encouraged and affirmed and loved by their counselors and by each other. It brings out the most beautiful of things in their little hearts.

Imagine if real life was like Kid’s Camp

WEAG Kid's Camp 2019 counselors express team joy as they welcome kids to camp and experience joy together.
Kids arrive at WEAG Kid’s Camp 2019 and are cheered by counselors

What if at least church was like that… a place where you could go and know that others would be cheering you on and rooting for you? Could a group of people be so FOR you, wanting so badly to see you win? Imagine having complete confidence that the person sitting next to you wants more than anything to see you grow closer to God. Can you even imagine that?

WEAG Kid's Camp 2019 female counselors and girl teams experience joy together.
One of the many girls teams at WEAG Kid’s Camp 2019

God wants this kind of team living for us. If we ask Him to do a work in our hearts and if we commit to the process, God will begin to change us. It will not always be easy or comfortable. But, as we make joy a habit, love will be our reflex and we’ll experience joy together as a team.

WEAG Kid's Camp 2019 male counselors and boys team up to win a game of tug-of-war and experience joy together.
Boys team up to win a game at WEAG Kid’s Camp 2019

Watch the recap of Kid’s Camp 2019 at the 28:52 mark in the sermon.

Start by inviting your friends

Again, every joyride is more fun with others. Simply share the link to this video and bring them to WEAG on-site or online 10:00am Sundays.

Pastor Lisa Eggert shares stories from Kid's Camp as illustrations to experience joy together.
Pastor Lisa Eggert shares stories from Kid’s Camp as illustrations to experience joy together.

Unconditional Joy

Be sure to watch part one of Joyride, Unconditional Joy.

And, also experience joy by watching and praising God along to the worship music video on YouTube from this Sunday’s service.

Worship set from July 7, 2019 service

About WEAG

What you’ll find at WEAG is a diverse, vibrant church community in Richmond VA of people just like you. We’ve got real struggles and we come together every week to help each other become better individuals through them as we grow closer to Jesus Christ. We look forward to meeting you.

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