Find Freedom from Bitterness with forgiveness – Broken & Beautiful pt5

Find Freedom from Bitterness with forgiveness – Broken & Beautiful pt5

“Don’t be mad, get Glad.” – remember that TV ad?

Loading up your spirit with the waste of bitterness will break you. Fortunately, you can find joy and freedom in forgiveness. Doing so is rarely easy, but it’s possible in any situation.

Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman shares how in this impactful message for everyone. Shane addresses specific scenarios and relationships you are sure to identify with.

Shane explains this matrix at the 26:19 mark

If you have questions for Shane about today’s message, comment below or text them anonymously to 804-480-4072.

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  1. TJ

    Wonderful practical applications on the process of forgiveness. The MATRIX needs to be printed out and posted on a mirror. If we could teach this method to everyone, it would be a lot easier to forgive, ask for forgiveness, and receive forgiveness.

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