Find Your Group

As a community of people just LIKE you, WEAG likely has a group FOR you.

Small Groups Pastor Jeremy Woltz will share a message of how to find your group in the Family of God. Life wasn’t meant to go it alone. Be a part of something bigger. Be a part of the WEAG family. 98 small groups are available to choose from at New groups are launching right now. And, more groups are to come…even online. All are welcome!

About WEAG

What you’ll find at WEAG is a diverse, vibrant church community in Richmond VA of people just like you. We’ve got real struggles and we come together every week to help each other become better individuals through them as we grow closer to Jesus Christ. We look forward to meeting you.

Join us LIVE at at 10:00am ET Sundays (9:00am and 11:00am ET starting Oct. 6, 2019).