Follow Me – Jesus Said pt 4


Jesus desires to be your friend. He desires to come into your life and get to know you. He’s not going to barge his way in. He stands at the door of your heart, your mind, your spirit and knocks. It is up to you to invite him in.

Follow Him

Jesus will then ask you to follow him for he offers life abundantly, hope that surpasses all understanding, love that forgives every single wrong, and eternal life in the presence of God without pain and suffering.

Follow Jesus

Jesus is worthy of your following not because of what he offers you but because of who he can be in your life. You can love him because he first loved you and gave all of himself to redeem you from every weakness, every pain, every fault. He keeps no record of your wrongs when you give yourself, your past, and your future over to him.

Who is he to you?
Who are you to Jesus?

You don’t need to understanding everything or be perfect. Jesus takes you just as you are and He will lead you from this point forward.

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