Free to Doubt – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #49 – Something Happened pt2

Free to Doubt – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #49 – Something Happened pt2

Shane answers viewer questions about the sermon, “I Doubt It!” Part two of the Something Happened series was an Easter Sunday message in which Shane shared the story of the Apostle Thomas, characterized as Doubting Thomas, and how his doubt proves to be a model for our ability to believe!

Questions asked in this episode include…

  • If Jesus’ resurrection is proven, why don’t more people believe in God?
  • How can believers help our lost, uninterested loved ones turn their apathy into humble curiosity … without arguing?
  • What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “You see, therefore you believe. But blessed are they who have not seen and yet believed.” In 2019 vocabulary, what does Jesus mean by “blessed are they”? Better? Favorited? Happier? “Get Out of Hell Free” card?
  • Many assume faith has to be adopted blindly without critical examination. Yet, you stated Jesus doesn’t want our blind faith, but rather wants us to question everything?
  • Some are not comfortable with the God of The Old Testament…the rules, the warfare, the ethnic favoritism that seems to be depicted. Did Jesus wipe all this out in the New Testament? If so, what does that implicate belief or doubt in the Old Testament?
  • How do we not doubt the entire New Testament when there are instructions written for women to wear head-coverings and for men to not have long hair that even the church seems to ignore?
  • So if I investigate my religion, I might find out that Jesus actually did rise from the dead. And if that means God DOES exist, and Jesus IS God, does that mean…I have to believe in hell, that “good people” can go to hell, and that all other faiths are wrong.
  • Can I believe Jesus rose from the dead if I don’t agree with much of what the Bible says? What do I do with that conflict?
  • Regarding the four gospels that tell of Jesus’ life, aren’t they just the opinions written by four guys?
  • If I decide to doubt my doubt, where should I start?


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