God’s Culture of Unity – Across ALL Cultures pt 4

God’s Culture of Unity – Across ALL Cultures pt 4

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Being a family is not easy. The struggle is real. To be a family means having to embrace the perspectives of others. Yet, often we welcome the comfort of agreement over the challenge of being unified with others we don’t yet understand.

Fortunately, God’s culture interrupts the feeling of needing agreement. We can find unity with Christ and in Christ. God has called people of ALL generations and ALL cultures to His mission of being witnesses to the world. That is an eternal mission we can be united about.

Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman shares these truths and many more in this final installment of the Across ALL Cultures sermon series. It may be a long message but it is vitally important to hear and pray about as God has chosen this very moment for you, and the people of His church to grapple with the issues of today and welcome the world to the conversation of a unified church.

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