It's Personal – Knock Knock

Watch. Listen. Download.

It can become easy to talk about faith from a general sense, but what does your faith look like personally? Jesus knocks at the door of your heart and is waiting to personally change your life to be better than you could ever imagine.

You can start by taking the January Challenge…

  • Fast something (give something up that you regularly do or eat)
  • Pray something (pray for something specific that you would like to see God change in you for 2020)
  • Share something (share with us your experience and how God is changing within you in 2020)

As you do that, take advantage of a dedicated page on our website designed for you to share stories of how God is changing you:

Here at WEAG everyone belongs and is welcome. This is a place where you can explore faith, ask questions, and see who God truly is. Through positive community, engaging music, and applicable encouragement, we hope you find WEAG to be a home for you.