LAUNCHing WEAG 3.0 – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A Interview

LAUNCHing WEAG 3.0 – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A Interview

When and How Will WEAG 3.0 Launch?!

Pastor Shane Schlesman answers viewer questions about Sunday’s message in which Shane shared how WEAG 3.0 will LAUNCH! WEAG and Richmond will never be the same. When will this happen? How can you be a part? This is part three of a 3-part series as we move into the Easter season further and faster than ever before.

Shane takes us beyond the sermon to dig deeper into what the LAUNCH of WEAG 3.0 will mean for our church community, the greater Richmond area, and the world beyond.

The Questions

  • [4:30] You said, God never starts with details, He starts with direction. How might we be content with the direction God gives even when the details are not conveyed?
  • [8:15] You also said, “We are not launching a cruise ship we are launching a battleship.” Of course, not everyone is ready to run towards the battle. How can those who don’t feel ready or may be new in their walk with Jesus contribute to the war effort?
  • [12:10] In a battle and on a battleship, there are many roles and responsibilities. What are the roles and responsibilities that you see as potentially being available for the WEAG community to step into as we battle for the souls of Richmond?
  • [14:20] It is so difficult to NOT look at our past and believe that things were better than our current situation. Yet, as you shared, Jesus was adamant about not looking back and God flooded the Jordan as soon as the Israelites had crossed. How do we resist a hindsight perspective?
  • [19:12] How can the WEAG community commit their time to the expansion, leverage, and launch of WEAG 3.0? How can they commit their time, talent and treasure?
  • [22:04] LAUNCH conveys a countdown and an action of considerable force. Now that WEAG 3.0 is officially underway, what sort of actions and developments supportive of a launch can WEAGers look forward to in the weeks and months ahead? Catch a premiere announcement from Shane at the 24:27 time marker.
  • [26:36] Should we set up monuments to God’s work in our own lives to better remember what God has done and the victories we’ve experienced? What might we use as stones?
  • [29:37] Palm and Easter Sundays are optimal opportunities to expand. What can WEAGers do to advance our vision knowing that the Easter season is typically a great opportunity for non-church going people to attend a service?
  • [33:23] What are some things we can look forward to at WEAG over the Easter season?

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