The Move of God to EXPAND – WEAG 3.0 pt1

The Move of God to EXPAND – WEAG 3.0 pt1

God has uniquely positioned WEAG to enter a season of expansion. Not unlike the transition in Israel’s history between Moses and Joshua. Every transition has its challenges and at the same time, its opportunities.

We don’t want to be a church that ever gets comfortable. We never want to be stagnant and settled. We will always be moving forward. When we make it about us we are ready to settle. Keep it about others and there will always be work to do, a hill to climb and a battle to face.

God is always leading us forward and changing us for the future. However, God doesn’t design our future based on the “past us.” He designs our future based on the “future us” and what He can shape us to become. What does the leadership of WEAG see that “future us” looking like and meaning for WEAG, the Greater Richmond area, and beyond?

Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman shares the vision of our pastors, elders, and deacons in this first of a three-part series ushering in the era of WEAG 3.0.

Got questions for Shane about WEAG 3.0? Text it to 804-480-4072 before 12p ET Tue. 3/26 for Shane to answer Live in this week’s episode of Beyond A Sermon.

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