Think You’re Not Good Enough? – Joyride pt4

Think You’re Not Good Enough? – Joyride pt4

So, you think you’re not good enough? You’ve messed up too much?

Well, it’s true that you cannot behave your way into heaven. But, the flaming wreckage of your past does not mean you are not good enough for God.

Watch, be inspired and share as Pastor Jeremy Woltz relates an unbelievable story of something quite bad he did as a teenager and not feeling good enough to live in joy afterwords.

Jeremy will explain from Philippians 3 how unconditional joy is available to us to claim even though we cannot behave our way into heaven.

And, be sure to invite your friends along on this 5-stop Joyride. Simply share the link to this post.

Joyride – a 5-stop journey to joy through Philippians

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And, also experience joy by watching and praising God along to the worship music video on YouTube from this Sunday’s service that featured the WEAG Worship Band joined by the VBS Worship Team.

WEAG Worship set with VBS Worship Team – July 21, 2019

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