While You Wait On God – In The Lead pt2

While You Wait On God – In The Lead pt2

What should you do while you wait on God?
Nothing? Anything? Something specific?

Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman shares the story of Nehemiah as an illustration of five actions you can take while you wait.

Waiting. It’s never welcomed and rarely enjoyable.
We’re an impatient species.
Fast food. Instant rice. Microwave popcorn.
One-click checkout. Express Lanes. Binge-watching.
We want everything NOW!

Many of us, maybe you too, are not much different when it comes to our relationship with God.
You may pray with an expectation of immediacy as if placing an order at a restaurant.
When you have to wait on God, you might have no idea what to do.
Do you do nothing?!
No. Waiting does not mean inaction. You can do something while you wait on God. Five things, in fact. And, Pastor Shane details those five actions as…
1) Pray
2) Research
3) Strategize
4) Plan
5) Become

Watch. Be encouraged. Trust God more. And, share with a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor who you know can use the encouragement Shane shares in this message.

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