Tommy Christmas - My Story

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Segregation prompts a Richmond man to change his future, yet his future changes him. Growing up in segregated Richmond makes Tommy Christmas dream of opportunity and success. After a bold prayer, Tommy’s dreams come true in a different way than expected. Listen to the 4-part podcast with Tommy & Sam Crawley On Apple Music / iTunes: Google Play / Podcasts: Stitcher Radio: SoundCloud: You Might Also Like Podcast: Jamal Jones Nowhere In Our Plans: Adopting From…
My Story - Jessi Culyer

Not Into Religion

Joyless religion sends Jessi searching for something more fulfilling. Jessi Culyer grew up frustrated with her tidy Christianity. On a quest to find happiness and fulfillment, Jessi stumbled out of religion and into faith. Her struggles to find joy and purpose might just include church after all.
Joy DuVal - My Story

Failing Into Success Feeling unimportant and untalented, Joy tried to conquer her feelings of unworthiness through partying, marriage, and career—but nothing worked. When Joy made a last-ditch effort to find success and purpose in a multi-level marketing company, she reaped an unpredictable result.
Matt Stanton - My Story

She Never Had Shoes Before Following years in the hotel industry, service takes on a different purpose for Matt. After a childhood steeped in religious education, Matt ran from church and into a lucrative career. But after divorce, fatherhood, several moves, and career loss, Matt’s perspective on love and service changed forever.
Paul McLean - My Story

Every Link I Clicked

A surprise romance—and the possibility of losing it—prompts Paul to address his addiction to pornography. Paul starts viewing pornography at age 10, which begins a 16-year addiction. As a friendship with Hannah grows into romance, Paul admits his addiction to her and realizes he must stop or lose her forever. He begins realizing the damage it has done to himself and others. If only he could learn how to stop.
LaChandra Pace - Why Me?

Why Me?

A startling diagnosis causes fear and grief. After a shocking diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, LaChandra struggles with fear, faith, and grief. Her mother prays and reads Scripture over LaChandra, reminding her of the pain Jesus endured on the cross for everyone. LaChandra clings to this truth as she struggles against the disease. You Might Also Like Story: John Habibpour I Wanted Another Opportunity To Bury My Past Life