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Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #042 – We Are Family

Shane answers tough questions about the latest sermon, We Are Family, while also reiterating that WEAG is a family that has your back when you invite others into our house.

Watch episode #042 of Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A as Shane tackles these questions and more listed below the video…

  • Why should ALL WEAGers embrace being a family of love in which grace is extended and love is lived? What will that mean for them?
  • What do you mean when you say, WEAG will have your back when you invite people far from God into our church?
Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #042 (not #041 as Jim misstated) – We Are Family
  • Can you explain further how the early church was also challenged with the tension between love and truth?
  • What are the “rules of engagement” or examples of living in love and in truth for Christians when discussing contentious topics with non-Believers, such as the defense of marriage and sexuality / gender issues?
  • How might we be more mindful, every day, of what Jesus thinks of us loving all people versus what others think of us loving all people?
  • There was a phrase in the passage Sunday that says, perfect love casts out fear. How does that relate to our welcoming others into the house of WEAG?
  • How do we balance grace and truth when engaging non-Believers in the church? Must we balance the two?
  • You gave a mandate to assume people far from God are in the room. You likened that to how we prepare our house to look best when expecting guests. When guests visit WEAG…. What SHOULD they see? What SHOULD they hear? What SHOULD they experience?

Have questions about the sermon or these questions, use the comments below to ask. Missed the sermon or to watch it again: https://weag.church/sermons/we-are-family/

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