Virtual Preschool & Kids Church!

Virtual Preschool & Kids Church!

Preschool Church & Elementary Kids Church

WEAG YouTube | Sundays | 12:30 pm

There will be no services or kids programming on the WEAG campus until further notice. Hop over to WEAG’s YouTube page for Preschool and Elementary Kids Church with Ashlyn Bolton and Lisa Eggert.

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Homeschooling Tips

If you’ve been doing school at home, it’s a normal part of learning to see what works and what doesn’t, so we wanted to share some resources that might be helpful to you as you figure out what this process looks like for your family. You’ve got this! You’re not in this alone. We love and miss your families, and we are thinking of you everyday!

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  • When talking about COVID-19 with your elementary-age child, ask them: “Can you put words to what you are thinking or feeling? Even if it doesn’t all make sense, talking about it can help.”
  • For other tips on how to talk about the COVID-19 crisis, download age appropriate Crisis Conversation Guides and Anxiety Conversation Guides available (in both English and Spanish) at
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