We’re Hiring – Kids Ministry Administrator

We’re Hiring – Kids Ministry Administrator

Kids Ministry Administrator


This is a general description and was written pre-COVID. As you can imagine, it is not comprehensive and especially right now, things are changing often and flexibility is desperately needed.

  • Sunday Mornings
    • Manage and plan for training
    • Communicate with teams during the week (weekly emails)
    • Leadership development within teams; meet with volunteers
    • Prepare materials as needed for teachers
    • Troubleshoot issues with behavior, leaders, technology, etc.
    • Teach on a limited rotation as needed/desired
    • Direct supervision/leadership for Preschool Kids Church
    • Support Nursery as needed
  • Sunday Evenings
    • Support and Assist Program Directors (Rainbows, Mpact Girls & Rangers)
    • Troubleshoot issues with behavior, leaders, technology, etc.
    • Support Nursery as needed
  • Communication
    • Parent Emails
    • Team Emails for Kids Ministry
    • Specific teacher communications outside of team emails
    • Meetings for Leadership Development (group and individual)
    • Social Media posting/updates/maintenance
  • Families
    • Expand parent communication, tailored their primary communication method
    • Provide better resources for parenting/family support
    • Support families as needed: answer program questions, answer emails, meet with parents/kids, connect SGLs to parents
  • Program Resources/Administration
    • Emails, meetings, and general office work
    • Event planning
    • Space management (rooms, supplies, etc)
    • Book spaces for events
    • Manage curriculum for leaders
    • Event registration
    • Resource Center/Boards
    • Other administration for Lisa Eggert/Family Ministries

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Lisa Eggert (leggert@weag.org) and Susan Chewning (schewning@weag.org).

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