Because You Say So – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #43

Because You Say So – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #43

Founding Pastor Dr. Bob Rhoden answers viewer questions about his recent sermon, Because You Say So. Watch or listen and get to know Dr. Rhoden more as he shares stories of his upbringing following the early death of his parents, his encounter with Jesus at age sixteen, and the call just ten years later to move to Richmond and help lead a brand new church in unfavorable circumstances.

Below are just some of the questions Dr. Rhoden responds to. If you have questions you would like him to answer, feel free to post those to the Comments below and we’ll get those to him for a reply.


Personal Reflections

  • Please tell viewers a bit about yourself. Where were you raised? Parents? Siblings? School? How and when did you meet Joan? Kids?
  • When and how did you come to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior?
  • You stated you were 26 years old and working at a furniture store in Northern Virginia when you received the call to move to Richmond and pastor a new church. Take us back to that moment, how did God prepare you to be WEAG’s founding pastor?

WEAG Reflections

  • In 1969 RVA had quite a few churches, was the lack of freshness in RVA influential in the original calling to start a new church?
  • Why the Executive Motor Hotel?
  • The design of the chapel at 501 certainly seems like it was fresh, what inspired the design?
  • You referenced how WEAG has always been “messy” What did you mean by that?
  • Was it difficult for the church to reach out to the “hippy culture” people God was bringing?

Sermon Application

  • What does “something fresh” look like or can look like in 2019 for churches everywhere, including WEAG?
  • What excites you about God’s use of technology in the global harvest? What might you hope to see churches better take advantage of with using technology in the years ahead?
  • What does it say to you that WEAG’s new Mission and Vision recently announced by Shane is so similar to the original mission and vision of sacrifice and partnering as God says so?
  • Do you see similarities between when the church started and now in the challenges we face, and desire to reach new people?


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