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While You Wait on God - Shane Schlesman

While You Wait On God – In The Lead pt2

What should you do while you wait on God?Nothing? Anything? Something specific? Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman shares the story of Nehemiah as an illustration of five actions you can take while you wait. Waiting. It’s never welcomed and rarely enjoyable. We’re an impatient species. Fast food. Instant rice. Microwave popcorn. One-click checkout. Express Lanes. Binge-watching.We want everything NOW! Many of us, maybe you too, are not much different when it comes to our relationship with God.You may pray with an…
Accept The Challenge To Lead - Chuck Balsamo

Accept The Challenge – In the Lead pt1

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Accept The Challenge of being the leader that God wants you to be. Do you accept? Learn more about your mission from Guest Speaker, Author, Business Leader and Pastor Chuck Balsamo. He will challenge you to embrace your full potential in a new future of influence in God’s strength. About WEAG – West End Assembly of God What you’ll find at WEAG is a diverse, vibrant church community in Richmond…
Re-Discover Joy! | Tony Robinson

Re-Discover Joy! – Joyride pt5

Re-discover joy by knowing and trusting God regardless of your circumstances. Overcome the Joy Jammers of fear, selfishness, bitterness, sin/guilt, and isolation. Pastor Tony Robinson delivers a personal message of struggle and outlines six steps to rediscover joy regardless of your past and life circumstances. Invite your friends along for this final stretch of our summer Joyride journey. Simply share the link to this sermon. Invite your friends along for this final stretch of our summer Joyride journey. Simply share…
Good Enough Sermon Joyride pt4

Think You’re Not Good Enough? – Joyride pt4

So, you think you’re not good enough? You’ve messed up too much? Well, it’s true that you cannot behave your way into heaven. But, the flaming wreckage of your past does not mean you are not good enough for God. Watch, be inspired and share as Pastor Jeremy Woltz relates an unbelievable story of something quite bad he did as a teenager and not feeling good enough to live in joy afterwords. Jeremy will explain from Philippians 3 how unconditional…

Following years in the hotel industry, service takes on a different purpose for Matt when he stoops to help a girl who never had shoes before.

Love God. Love People. Everyday.


Ruth 4:18-22  –  Outcast  What’s particularly amazing about Ruth is that God chose a woman to play an integral role in the Davidic and Messianic line.  God uses both men and women to accomplish His purposes.  And He often uses broken people,  the outcasts,  and imperfect people (like you and me) that others overlook to bring about His promises.  God entrusts us to carry out His promises,  and Ruth foreshadows how Jesus did the same thing for us.  Ruth is…


Ruth 4:1-17  –  Redemption  God fulfills His promises.  He brings to fruition what He said He would do.  Our responsibility is to submit to Him in trust,  no matter what the cost,  because we know He will keep His promises.  But God’s ways are counter-intuitive to our ways.  We know how the story ends for Ruth and Boaz (and Naomi);  but is there something perplexing or painful in your life that has an unknown ending?  God cares about the details…


Ruth 3  –  Risk  Naomi directed Ruth into a very risky,  possibly shameful,  embarrassing and potentially irredeemable situation.  Ruth would propose to Boaz and claim him as her  “near kinsman” (KJV).  Naomi had seen Boaz’s attraction and knew he was not only an honorable man,  but also an extended family member with legal rights who could provide for Ruth.  Boaz proved worthy of her opinion.  It is not wise to take risks without Holy Spirit leadership and wisdom from Godly…


Ruth 2 –  Vulnerability and Humility  Ruth shows us what it takes to do the will of God:  obedience,  commitment,  humility,  and self-sacrifice.  She took a risk and showed courage and initiative when it would have been easier for her to just stay put.  Is the Lord asking you to do something that scares you and that requires vulnerability and humility?  Are you willing to humble yourself and be authentic?  Ruth’s actions put her in the direct sightline of someone…

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