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A diverse, multi-generational, innovative, missions-oriented family in Richmond’s West End, active in transforming lives through Jesus’ love.

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401 N. Parham Road Richmond, VA 23229

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Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #044

Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #044 – Leaders Among Us

Pastors Jeremy Woltz, John Kelly, Lisa Eggert, and Jamal Jones answer questions about leadership development at WEAG. They share stories of how leaders before them have impacted their lives and their work for God. And, they celebrate the work of the Lord in impacting kids, students, young adults, and small groups through the armies of amazing volunteers that they lead. The Questions Jeremy – What brought you to WEAG? What is one of your earliest memories of someone at WEAG…
Jeremy Woltz Lessons from Timothy Living Legacy 11

Live a Legacy of Leadership – Lessons From Timothy

Young Adults & Small Groups Pastor Jeremy Woltz challenges us with Lessons From Timothy.  Jeremy identifies three takeaways from the apostle Timothy’s life of leadership lessons that he learned and espoused. In this concluding message of the Living Legacy series, WEAG’s Millennial pastors give thanks to the leadership of many before them as they accept the baton to continue WEAG’s legacy into another fifty years of transforming lives around the world. Pastors Jeremy, John, Jamal, and Lisa will all participate…
Throughout All Generations - Living Legacy 10 Sermon - John Hershman

Throughout All Generations

Former Senior Pastor, John Hershman, delivers today’s message in recognition of WEAG’s 50th birthday. John reflects on the joys of ministry over many decades, including the call to take the helm at WEAG, the miracle of embracing a mission-focus in unfavorable circumstances, and how God continually uses his Church as “fresh bread” to transform lives everywhere. John also addresses the current challenges that WEAG is facing and gives praise for the leadership and community that will surely witness even greater…

Church Blog

Devotion – Sat. March 23, 2019

Luke 15:10 (NIV) (Jesus told them) there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. All heaven cheers when we turn toward God and begin the journey of following Jesus. Suddenly, wholeness becomes possible. Spiritual healing can begin. A path to transformation opens to us because we have placed our faith in a supernatural God who supplies us with supernatural ability and that makes all things possible. Chains to the past are broken.…

Devotion – Fri. March 22, 2019

I Chronicles 15:1b  (NIV) (David) prepared a place for the ark of God and pitched a tent for it. The Ark of the Covenant was a holy piece of furniture in Israel’s tabernacle. It represented the visible presence of God and was to be treated with honor and respect (though not worshiped). An enemy country had raided Israel and carried it off as a trophy of war; now David had recaptured it and brought it home. He would make sure…

Devotion – Thurs. March 21, 2019

Genesis 3:8b (NIV) …and (Adam and Eve) hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. Some people prefer to hide from God rather than engage in honest conversations with Him. It is easy to hide. We fill our schedules with both work and play. We turn up the music and drown out the still small voice that calls to us. We feed our addictions and sit in front of the big screen to engage in someone else’s…

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A surprise romance—and the possibility of losing it—prompts Paul to address his addiction to pornography.

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WEAG 3.0

A 3-part Mission & Vision series starting March 24, 2019

It’s here! WEAG 3.0! The unboxing begins March 24th at 10am. We have a fresh mission and vision that has its roots in how WEAG and Jesus’ Church first began. Attend this 3-part series and hear how you can be a part of this ground floor movement to Make A Difference like never before!