Communication Groups

Communication Groups

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Starting September 2, 2020

Perspective. The willingness to hear, listen, and attempt to understand life through the experiences of another person or group is truly amazing.

Gaining perspective is a humbling act of selflessness that doesn’t require denying one’s own perspective, opinion, or experience. Rather, broadening our perspective simply acknowledges that we can’t possibly understand, witness, and experience all of life.

WEAG Family! If we really want to be a family that spreads across all cultures and generations, we need to start strengthening our communication muscles. Every Wednesday evening beginning September 2nd, Pastors Shane, Dave & Jeremy will be holding a Zoom seminar on healthy and loving communication. After the teaching portion, everyone will split into groups that will explore how to healthily discuss a specific polarizing issue.

Interested? Email to register.

In these topical communication groups, we’ll gather online to discuss specific “hot topics” and what a Christ-like loving response can look and sound like. As you join each gathering, please allow yourself to be informed by others, even when it is challenging to do so.

Perspective can be difficult to receive. It can be hard to allow your own perspective to be refined by what you learn from another. It can upset what you thought you already had a definitive understanding of. While attempting to push aside our own viewpoints just enough to absorb what someone else received may be frightening, it doesn’t mean that you must abandon your own perspective. What you have experienced is just as much part of the tapestry of humanity.

Together, may we aspire to learn from one another, to give grace to one another, to be of service to one another, and to love one another as Jesus first loved each and every one of us. There are often far more character traits, preferences, and experiences that unite us versus the few that differ.

To participate, simply click/tap the button below to send us a message with your name.