Here’s a quick snapshot of visiting
WEAG | Church on a Sunday morning


  • Service starts at 10AM each Sunday.
  • Feel free to come a little early, and we’ll be ready with a warm cup of coffee ready to help however we can!


  • Follow the signs toward our “Main Entrance” to the building.
  • Right inside, to the left, you’ll be able to check your Kid(s) into a safe, fun and educational experience for their age. (Nursery-5th Grade)
  • Turn right, and head toward our Worship Center!
  • Stop and say Hi to us! We’ll be wearing lanyards that say “How Can I Help You?”.


  • Inside the Worship Center, you can sit wherever you’d like. Whatever’s most comfortable to you is perfect!
  • We’ll sing a few songs, spend time praying and hear an applicable sermon. Jesus changes and transforms our lives for the better, so you’ll hear stories about how that’s happening as well.
  • The Service lasts 90 minutes.
  • After Service, we have a “Meet & Greet” right outside the center aisle doors in our Worship Center Lobby. This is the perfect place to meet a few people and connect with WEAG | Church. This will only take 5 minutes, unless you want to talk longer 😁!
  • Then, it’s up to you… if you’re looking for lunch plans, we can help with that too!


If you’d like to plan a visit, we’d be happy to walk through all of this together. Showing up to a new place can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

  • Contact Kathryn Straw at
  • We’ll be ready to meet you at the door!
  • Kid(s) can be checked in early to speed up the process.
  • We’ll even make sure you’re not sitting alone (unless you’d like to be alone… that’s fine too!).