Community 50+

Community 50+

Community 50+ is a community about this season of life. This season is where you are right now; you’ve lived at least 50 years on earth, and you’ve learned a lot. You have a lot to share and still a lot to learn. Perspectives shift and new adventures lie ahead, some fun, some not so much, but always better when they’re shared. We are meant to live in community, to share life’s ups and downs and learn from each other as we journey on. Journey with us!

Summer Schedule

June 17th – Game Night Gathering!
6pm in the Welcome Center 
Outdoor yard games and indoor table games 
Pizza, salad, fruit and dessert
$10 per person

July 15th – Lunch with Frank Rennie – Faith While Serving 
11am in the South Hall
Salad bar with all the fixings & ice cream sundae bar
$8 per person

August 19th – An Evening with Bob!
6pm in the Welcome Center
A music filled evening with our own, Bob Laughlin
Fried chicken dinner & fruit pies
$10 per person

Please RSVP to each event by contacting Amy Mahan!

Contact: Amy Mahan · · 804-774-4318


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