Community 50+

Community 50+

Community 50+ is a community about this season of life. This season is where you are right now; you’ve lived at least 50 years on earth, and you’ve learned a lot. You have a lot to share and still a lot to learn. Perspectives shift and new adventures lie ahead, some fun, some not so much, but always better when they’re shared. We are meant to live in community, to share life’s ups and downs and learn from each other as we journey on. Journey with us!

Community 50+ October Newsletter

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Zoom & Learns during COVID-19

Is There a Good Side to Sin?: Zoom & Grow with Russell Joyner

Is sin really all that bad? Is grace really all that amazing? Is there a good side to sin? Listen to Russel Joyner addressing the relationship between sin and grace.

Coping with Change: Zoom & Learn with Pastor Dave

Finding a new normal in a world of constant change

BE FAST – Time Is Brain!: Zoom & Learn about stroke response and recovery

When a stroke happens, millions of brain cells are dying by the minute. Do you want to learn how to recognize a potential stroke in a timely fashion and help preserve life for you and your loved ones?

Learn basic stroke recognition skills in a lecture taught by WEAG member and VCUHS/MCV Neurology resident physician Serendipity Zapanta Rinonos, M.D., Ph.D.

For ministry questions contact Amy Mahan at or 804-774-4318

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