Meet & Greet

If you’re newer or don’t know what to do next, come after Sunday’s service to our Meet & Greet. Tell us what you’re hoping to get from this community so we can help make it happen! We’re available every Sunday in the Foyer.


If you’ve accepted Jesus into your life, this is your next step. Jesus transforms our lives for the better, and we want to celebrate that with you! Take this step, and see what God has for you next.

Our missionaries, Pastor Miro Toth in Slovakia and Mariana & Eugene Siminova in Moldova, are reaching out to the thousands of the Ukrainian Refugees that are crossing the borders into Slovakia, Moldova and Romania. These are mostly women and children, as men are asked to stay back to defend their nation. Our friends are providing food, shelter and warm blankets. Members of the local Assembly of God churches are offering shelter in their homes. Any and every ounce of support we can give through prayer and financial relief will provide basic essentials to the destitute refugees and also to the work of Convoy of Hope.

  • WEAG - West End Assembly of God

WEAG - West End Assembly of God

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Richmond, Virginia 23229
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