About Us

About Us

Together In Purpose

Shane Schlesman

It’s my privilege as lead pastor to welcome you to West End Assembly of God. Even with our rich history in the arts, outreach, and family ministry, at WEAG we are constantly re-inventing ourselves to stay relevant and create transformational moments for our people.

We want every attendee to know God, find family, discover purpose, and make a difference. I hope to meet you and become a small part of your path toward the belonging and destiny that God desires for you.

Experience WEAG

Our Vision…

To expand the Family of God across all cultures and generations.

Our Mission…

For every person to experience transformation through Jesus Christ.

We aim to nurture a deeper relationship with Jesus by engaging daily in worship, community, missions, and discipleship.

This is supported every week with intentional guidance to know God, find family, discover purpose, and make a difference.

Our Beliefs

OUR STATEMENT OF FAITH We believe… …the Scriptures are inspired by God and declare God’s plan for humankind. They are authoritative and infallible in all they intend to teach. …there is one true God, revealed in three persons…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. …in the full deity and full humanity of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, as proclaimed in Scripture. …every person is separated from God by sin and can have restored fellowship with God by repenting and receiving Christ’s offer of…

Our Essential Practices

We worship the living God I am not just attending a worship service at WEAG, I am honoring God with my life. We engage in meaningful community I am not just acquainted with people at WEAG, I am doing life with them. We devote ourselves to mission I am not just serving at WEAG, I am impacting my neighborhood, city, country, and world. We commit to intentional discipleship I am not just called a Christian, I am following Jesus with a…

Our History

Over fifty years of WEAG’s history, there have only been three Senior Pastors. Rev. H. Robert Rhoden (1969-1991), Rev. John G. Hershman (1992-2015) and Rev. Shane G. Schlesman (2015-present) have exhibited consistent Godly leadership that has contributed to the stability of this church. Each has brought skills and gifts necessary for the growth and effectiveness of WEAG as a dynamic church known for its outreach on a local and international basis. 1969 West End Assembly of God began with a…