Sermons on 1 Peter

Making God's Mission Personal

The Mission: Making God’s Mission Personal

When God truly transforms your life you always have something to share. That something is what God is doing in you that everyone can see and that everyone needs. Here at WEAG everyone belongs and is welcome. This is a place where you can explore faith, ask questions, and see who God truly is. Through positive community, engaging music, and applicable encouragement, we hope you find WEAG to be a home for you. Join us Sundays and throughout the week…
Anxiety Attack!

Anxiety Attack! – Broken & Beautiful pt6

“Don’t worry. Be happy.” If only it were as easy as singing a song to be free of anxiety. Reality is that panic, worry, anxiety frequently invade our minds with unanswerable questions of, “What if ?” and, “What about ?” Whether you experience a sudden wave of panic or suffer from long-term anxiousness, there is a solution to survive and thrive. Watch as Pastor Shane delivers a practical message on surviving an anxiety attack. STATS: Anxiety and Depression Association of…
Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #052 - Surviving Family Dysfunction

Surviving Family Dysfunction – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #052

In episode 52 of Beyond A Sermon, WEAG’s weekly Live Q&A program, we deep dive into the dysfunction that can plague families and the healing that is available to us all. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman answers viewer questions about surviving family dysfunction and finding healing in the process. We’re all part of a family, maybe many …and, in different forms. They may seem dysfunctional at times. The family is under attack. It has been since the creation of the first…