Sermons by Dr. Dave DeMasters

Sermons by Dr. Dave DeMasters

How To Conquer Shame – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #51

Guest speaker Sue Schlesman is interviewed by Dr. Dave DeMasters with viewer questions about how to conquer shame. Sue and Dave dig deeper into Sue’s message from two days prior delivered as part three of WEAG’s Broken & Beautiful series. Watch, comment on, and share this exploration of what it takes to become free from the debilitating effects of shame.

What IS WEAG 3.0? – Beyond A Sermon Live Q&A #045

Pastors Shane Schlesman and Dave DeMasters discuss Sunday’s message in which Shane introduced the vision of WEAG 3.0. This first of a 3-part series is about the move of God to EXPAND in us and through us. Watch as they answer viewer questions and go beyond the sermon and dig deeper into what WEAG 3.0 will mean for the community, the greater Richmond area, and the world beyond.

En·rich Your Transformation – Be A New You

It’s a new year. Be a new you! In 90 seconds, you can embark on a journey of lasting transformation.Don’t just make goals, keep them!How? Dr. Dave DeMasters condenses years of counseling and a multi-week life transforming course into 40 minutes that will change your life. Dave will share a proven three-step process for keeping goals that all starts with God and your thinking. So, go ahead, make those new year resolutions. You’ll be empowered to see them through this…